6.9. About documentation

The documentation for the projects comes from 2 different sources:

  • Textual documentation, generated with Sphinx from text files written in rst format.
  • API documentation, generated with Doxygen from formatted code comments.

The documentation is rendered in 2 formats:

  • HTML
  • man: The man page output is used in the Lazuli Docker image. Any developer using the development environment Docker image can type man Lazuli to read the exact complete documentation you are now reading. Thanks to Doxygen, the user can also use man to obtain the documentation about any function or symbol used in the project.

6.9.1. Sphinx and reStructuredText

The directory doc/ in the repository source tree contains all the official documentation of the project. This is the one you are now reading.

The Lazuli project aims to be well-documented. Documentation must be up-to-date and easy to find.

This documentation is written in reStructuredText (rst) and built with Sphinx. The official website of sphinx is https://www.sphinx-doc.org

reStructuredText file markup allows to write documents that can be read in text mode within a console as well as in a modern browser, while benefiting of a nice formatting on the two supports. Building Sphinx documentation

To build Sphinx documentation, simply go to the doc/ directory, then type make. This will build the full documentation in HTML and man formats. The output will be in the directory doc/_build.

To build the documentation only in a specific format, simply type make html or make man. Style and conventions used in documentation files

Files must be named using lower camel case with underscores as separators and have the extension .rst (e.g. the file your are reading is called about_documentation.rst).

Except in some very specific situations (e.g. when writing URLs), line length is set to 80 characters. Documents must be easily readable without horizontal scrolling in a console (e.g. with less), in simple text editors, in a file diff utility, or on any platform that don’t natively supports rst syntax. 80 columns line breaks are not a problem when rendering to HTML or man pages as rst ignores line breaks when processing.

Always keep in mind that the file can be read in one of these two possible ways, so you should regularly check how it looks on both supports when writing.

Headings are always declared with underlining. Heading characters are used in the following order:

  1. =
  2. -
  3. ^

There must be only one heading of level 1 per page.

6.9.2. Doxygen

The other kind of documentation comes from code comments with Doxygen commands. The official website of Doxygen is https://www.doxygen.nl

The API documentation for the project is hosted at https://randruc.github.io/Lazuli/doxygen/latest/ Code comments

All C code of the project is documented using Doxygen code comments. The absence of Doxygen code comments will cause an error during build. Building Doxygen documentation

To build Doxygen documentation, simply go to the root of the repository, then type doxygen. This will build documentation in HTML and man formats. The output will be in the directory doxygen_output.