6.1. Repository tree

We give here an explanation of the main directories of the repository. It is displayed here from the root with the command tree -d with manual modifications to show only the most important ones. Comments on the right side have been added manually.

├── doc                       Sources of Sphinx user documentation
│   └── kernel                Sources of Sphinx kernel documentation
├── docker                    All files related to the Lazuli Docker image
├── example-programs          Sources of examples user programs that use the Lazuli API
├── LICENSES                  Text of the project's licenses
├── scripts                   Utility scripts
├── sys                       Base directory for all the system sources
│   ├── cmake                 CMake files, referenced by CMakeLists.txt
│   ├── include               Base directory of user and kernel header files
│   │   └── Lazuli            Base directory of user and kernel header files
│   │       └── sys           Directory of kernel header files
│   ├── kern                  Base directory of kernel sources
│   │   ├── arch              Base directory of arch-specific kernel sources
│   │   └── modules           Base directory of kernel modules sources
│   ├── libc                  Base directory of C files related to libc implementation
│   ├── libc-headers          Base directory of standard C library header files
│   │   └── arch-dependent    Base directory of arch-dependent libc header files
│   └── unit-tests            Unit tests sources
├── templates                 File templates, used when creating new files
└── user                      Directory for the user code.